Buy Second Hand Furniture to Save Money

A lot of people nowadays are shopping around for second hand furniture to save money. If you love the look and feel of good wood and haven’t the budget to buy brand new, you may consider looking around for good second hand buys.

How do I pick out furniture that looks good and is a good investment?

Look at the wood. Is it good natural wood? Check that the piece you’re examining is sturdy and well made, that it doesn’t wobble and that the finish is good. The joints should be well fitted. Look for mortise, dovetail or tenon joints. Glue shouldn’t be visible in the joints. Don’t go for self-assembled furniture, since these pieces won’t be as durable.

How beaten up is the piece? If it’s a matter of a few scratches that’s easily remedied and you can get knocked off the price a bit. All these discounted prices add up to save a lot of money. Do make sure that the furniture you’re looking to buy is in good condition. There shouldn’t be any handles missing on that dresser. Check for badly hung cabinet doors or drawers that don’t shut properly.  Run your hand over the wood finish. Is it smooth to the touch? Take a look at the back or the underside of the piece to check its quality. Remember good quality furniture is well finished.

Hardwood furniture lasts longer, so look for pieces in hardwood such as oak and maple to save money for the long term. Pine wood is softer. Also look for metal furniture, since metal is very durable. Wrought iron furniture is beautiful. Remove the rust and paint with a good quality outdoor paint.

Where do I buy from?

Chances are there are several outlets selling second hand furniture in your city or town. Check out the ones in your area. Look out for flea markets where you can find wonderful pieces of furniture at bargain prices if you’re lucky. Trawl around the local antique stores. It’s fun and who knows what you might turn up?

Second hand furniture from hotels can also be good buys. You will get better quality at a much less expensive price. Check the classifieds for second hand sales. Look out for furniture auctions for good quality furniture bargains, or visit garage sales in your neighborhood. There are also several second hand furniture outlets online. OLX and quikr are good ones.

Whatever you choose, have fun and be imaginative. Convert that old dresser into a beautiful bathroom vanity. Take that set of wrought iron furniture and restore it by removing the rust and giving it a beautiful coat of new paint. Remove the scratches from that beat-up teak wood table and varnish it to a glowing finish.  Or simply paint over that pair of wooden chairs in bright colors and add them to your kitchen. What started out as a bargain hunt for second hand furniture to save money can give your home a totally unique style.

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